Summer Show 2023: Studio Artego’s First Open Call Group Show

1 - 27 June 2023

Featured Artists: 

Michael Rose, Ben Pederson, Erin Archer, Lee Jensen, Malín Evertsz Mendez, Suzan Batu, Pauline Galiana, Boosinsky, Ji Eun Lim, Ah Ngoc Pham, Zahra Pars, Yingyao Liang, Christine Seo, Barbara Russell, Juri Rhyu, Luisa Henao, Humphrey Bilger, Margaret Roleke, Richard Meyer, Polin Huang, Ha Jung Eun, Sue Rissberger, Mary Pinto, Moses Ros, Seth Ellison, Micki Spiller, Priscilla Stadler, Norma Markley, Eung ho Park, Seth Goodman, Tom Block, Omar Olivera, Regina Hann, Nitin Mukul, Carey Clark, Parastoo Ahoon



Studio Artego is delighted to announce its first open-call group show, the 'Summer Show 2023'. The exhibition features 36 artists from diverse backgrounds and age groups, with each artist showcasing two of their artworks. The show presents a broad range of styles and mediums, from vibrant abstract and dreamy figurative to eye-catching textile arts. Each artwork on display offers a unique perspective on the world, providing a glimpse into the artist's creative mind.

At its core, the 'Summer Show 2023' aims to create connections: between emerging artists and new audiences, between visitors and the art they see, and among artists themselves. By providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and offering audiences the opportunity to discover new hidden talents, the exhibition aims to foster an environment of collaboration, discovery, and celebration of life.


The exhibition will be on display from June 1st to June 27th, with an opening reception on Friday, June 2nd, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Organized & assisted by David Yonghwan Lee